Thursday, October 09, 2008


Jan had a seizure three days ago, on Monday. Jan's seizure happened in a public place. She had time to lay down and let her brain short-circuit for 30 seconds. For those who have not seen a seizure, the sight can be fringhtening. The standard procedure of the office where she had the seizure was to call 911 and send her to to emergency. The local hospital where she went could not access Jan's records from other local hospitals and was trying to find what was Jan's problem and what they could do.

Life is not without irony. At the time the ambulance arrived to the emergency room, I was walking into a business meeting in a building rigth across from the hospital. I didn't know until three hours later where she was. By then I was already home. The person she was visiting had left messages informing me of the event. So, I had to go back to downtown to see Jan.

We had invited friends from Brazil to come and have dinner with us. They arrived when I was leaving to the hospital, so they came with me. This was the first time they were inside of a Canadian hospital.

Jan was released after the physician heard that this was an expected event and that Jan is been seen by a neurologist. When we came home, we ordered pizza and Jan had a good time looking at pictures from Bello Horizonte in Brazil. This took her back 25 years, to the time when she lived there for a year.

It's three days after, and Jan is still struggling with headaches and light headedness. She fears that another seizure may happen. She sleeps a lot and her feeling of loneliness is more acute because she is more restricted in her movement for now; she has canceled a number of appointments and activities she normally does.

How much longer Lord? She is at the end of her rope and I have long passed that proverbial end.