Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Almost six months seizure free

In two weeks it will be six months since the last time Jan had a seizure. The diagnosis of epileptic seizures is for a patient a life sentence. Jan was sentenced to take medication for life, because she had seizures. She was told that the condition in her case, was permanent, because an EEG showed most of the seizure activity happening in the scarred area of her brain, and scars in the brain are permanent.

But Jan decided to sing away the seizures. She thinks that since the music is in the right side of the brain, and that side is the healthy part, whenever a seizure threatened to start, she would move all activity to the good part by singing. If a seizure is like a short circuit caused by electricity going the wrong way, then she would disconnect the problem area and use up the extra electricity in the healthy side. That's Jan strategy. And, well, it's almost six months without a seizure -after many close calls-. The neurologists told her several times that no one can control seizures from happening. That may be true for most people, but Jan belongs to a different kind of people. She is one that does not take no for an answer.

What is really happening here? No one in the scientific community knows for certain. Jan is certain that God is healing her, just as it was promised to her at the beginning.

Take your pick of paths. Jan is choosing her faith.