Friday, March 27, 2009


When Jan was in a coma, connected to a respirator, one of the surgeons came and told me "the brain is a selfish organ, it will disconnect every part of the body, practically killing it, before it disconnects itself." While Jan's brain had disconnected her right side and turned the consciousness switch off, the machine whirred and beeped incessantly, indicating with little lights, bouncing up and down on a screen, that Jan's body was well and here... but where was her mind, her soul?

She insists that she was with the Lord. Not dreaming in the strict sense of the word, but literally, she had become disconnected from her body and was in an out of body experience visiting the no-place, no-time, no-matter and no-worries world.

Perhaps the most important insight from her trip was the choice she had to make between going on into her home in this new reality, or coming back to do a job for the Lord: helping his persecuted brothers and sisters.

Of course, she chose to come back.


The other day, she was thinking about a promise made to her in the hospital by pastor Jim from Milton. Jim and the group of friends didn't get a chance to see Jan, she was sleeping at the time they arrived. But that didn't stop anyone from praying and singing for Jan. We went to the chapel and there Jim said he had a message for Jan. He said he hadn't deliver this kind of messages and was a bit hesitant at first to give the message, but several times during the previous days, the Lord gently convinced him to just speak it out. The message was a statement from the story of the Sunnammite woman, whose son had been brought back to life by Elisha. When, years later, after a great famine in the land, she came to the king to ask for her house and lands back, the king was hearing the story about the boy being brought back to life. He heard her case and then told his officials: "everything that belongs to this woman will be restored". This was the message delivered to Jan. Three years later, she was sitting in front of her piano and began playing very animated "a castle in the clouds" from Les Miserables.

From where I stand, that promise is being fulfilled. There is still some way to go, but definitely, she is getting back what belonged to her before, and for this, all the honour and applause belongs to the Lord. He is faithful to his word.


Saturday, March 07, 2009


During the first few days after the aneurysm, Jan went into a coma. She survived connected to a respirator --a machine that kept all her vital functions going--, while her brain decided what to do with the tremendous trauma it had suffered. In this comatose state, Jan had a series of dreams. She recalls them with amazing clarity and she uses the content of her dreams in her everyday life.

Much has been said about dreams. Since the days of Genesis, men and women dreamed. God spoke to both through dreams. Jan believes that little has changed in relation to dreams. The only difference may be that today we are too busy looking for advice from Dr. "Fee" instead of paying attention to what our own spirit is hearing. So I thought you would be interested in hearing some of these dreams.