Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sister, where are thou?

Where are Jan's friends?

Time has crept up slowly to Jan's recovery, and with time, the innevitable dust has accumulated on her day book. She used to have full days: walking up early for her personal meditations, going to work, calling friends to firm up appoitments, going to bible studies, meeting more friends for coffee, going home and sending cards and letters to keep the ambers of distant friendhips alive, and so on and so forth.

Before her illness she had many friends of those that show up when one needs one. But her daybook these days is empty. Her phone does not ring anymore. Her friends are too busy with their lives, some have dropped out completely from her life.

She can't remember from day to day that she has to call her friends to oil the relationships. Her short term memory is not working as strong as she would like. So, if she does not take the initiative because she can't remember, she is slowly facing the reality that many of her friends will just stop calling or writing or visiting, or even remembering her name. That is the nature of relationships these days.

I wonder where are her friends. Jan's friends, where are thou?

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