Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jan Un-ltd.

If Jan was a corporation she would choose a name ending with Unlimited.

Limitation is a word that does not exist in her vocabulary. There is pain, right neglect, memory gaps, aphasia, fatigue, and the long standing battle with medications; but in her world these are not limitations. She says that the real limitations are not in our bodies, but in the way we think.

Jan Un-ltd. went for a trip on her own. She went to spend some time over the weekend with a high school friend. KC is one of a kind. She was really created to match Jan. The two are uncapable of telling a lie. so, imagine their conversations... two women talking -probably at the same time-, friends for a long time, dishing no bull, just the real enchilada.

When I spoke with KC last Saturday, she was excited, prepared and blunt. That's KC. I remember that on my wedding day KC, was sitting next to the minister lady. Everyone was laughter and joy. At one point, KC came to the table were Jan and I were sitting and she produced a pocket knife, which she said, she uses to castrate the goats in her farm -ouch!-, and then added, that if I ever was mean to her friend Jan, she would come with her pocket knife and find me... you can imagine the dismayed look on the minister's face and of the guests that were listening. But that's just KC.

There are very few people with such history and influence on Jan. Refreshing to see the love between friends grow and deepen over so many years. This is why Jan Un-ltd. took the trip by herself, and also to have a break away from her husband...

I have learned so much about the endless possibilities of the human spirit just by watching Jan. The unsinkable and unlimited. There is a lot to be learned from those we consider broken, because out of their brokeness they have accessed territories of the soul, unknown to many of us.


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