Friday, July 31, 2009

I remember

I Remember

I remember the intensity of her gaze
the round, full, copious words she offered
and her laughter, those rivers of laughter
cascading like the morning sun
on my dry and lonely soul.

I remember her flowing hair
playing freely with the wind,
we sang, we walked, we wrote,
Oh, how we talked!
Oh, how we dreamed!

I remember our hands entwined,
her blithe manner full of light,
and then a hug, and then a smile,
and then light slashing through the dark
through that one crack on my wall

I remember opening our hearts
to this brilliant miracle of life.
Basking in this boundless love
we were eagles soaring high,
way high in an cloudless sky

I remember whispering a hope,
the innocent brainchild that love
would always shelter us from pain,
its light would shine the dark away,
when the voice of blood said: No!

I remember her life next to the abyss
while the long fingers of blood
were writing something on her brain,
unconscious, she was free of pain,
while I stumbled in my own

I remember the scars on his hands
while he held mine in a caring clasp,
I was brokenhearted, feeling smashed,
I saw a thousand cracks spreading on my wall,
and an unyielding light seeping through them all

He said, it was through pain that he’d showed love
and walking into the abyss that he brought life.
I remember my darkness slowly turning into joy,
regardless of her broken words...

F. Carrillo

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