Sunday, September 13, 2009


I don't know were I lost the grip and skidded onto this dark alley. I am not sure what is the feeling that I see bubbling on the surface of my consciousness, raw, sour, antithetical to the dream I had been carrying on my backpack. I am at a loss to explain what was lost, and what is the same after the "great catastrophe". So, I just sat this evening in my backyard, feeling alone in a long time, looking at a sunset that somehow was telling me to hold onto the memories of the bright moments, the commitments, the laughter, and do away with the gloomy thoughts that kept clouding my heart.


LRinTO said...

Fede. I taste your bitterness. I drink your sorrow. The weight of your despair is heavy on my shoulders. Your loneliness is sharp, like a knife wound. My only prayer is that the Man of sorrows, familiar with suffering, who takes up our infirmities and carries our sorrows, would be your constant companion, comforter and solace. In His name, I pray.

FC said...

Thanks LRinTO. I know that Jesus never promised me happiness without pain, but the assurance that I can trust that he will be right there, in the middle of it, with me. I know he is there for me through people like you. That alone brings hope to my dark times. Gracias!