Monday, November 30, 2009

Helping out

One of the actions that brings me much satisfaction is the opportunity to help others. Jan is the same, she volunteers one day a week in the office of Runnymede United and one day a week with the Saint James Anglican food bank. We have the same values on this area: we are only administrators of what we have. Nothing of what we possess really belong to us. It belongs to God and we have these goods to administer them for the benefit of our immediate family and others. This is our the law of love works. We take care of others and others will take care of us. But in our broken world everyone seems to be looking for themselves,s o many are left without someone to look after them.

I can see this value at the core of what Jan is. Unfortunately, as much as she tries to give, that by itself does not mean that she will receive back the same courtesies or help. It is not a complaint. It is a fact. One area in which this brokenness shows up is in her friends. As time goes by, she counts fewer and fewer friends to visit and to just do what friends do: hang out. Because of this, one of her big struggles is with loneliness.

What are we going to do to fix teh broken law of love? Help out. that's all we can do.


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