Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Time!

It's Spring time!
I was waiting for this milestone in the annual calendar with great trepidation. The impact of a long winter on my psyche is more than the SAD syndrome, or having had enough of "cabin fever" because of the the cold. I tried spending as much time as possible outdoors. I tried being active. I tried being social. None of that seems to convince these old bones that some cold is OK; that people seem to be more productive in the cold weather; that cold days make good occasions for great family time. Nonetheless, I felt cold, too cold.
I will chalk it to my Mexican origins. I lack the genes of those born here.
Jan continues her progress in small steps. Now and then, there is a major setback, mainly when she has a seizure.
In our marriage she is the faith backbone. Despite the pain and impediments she continues trusting God, while I continue to question the dark night of the soul we are going through.
The main struggle is with a sense that we have been thrown out of our purpose. What was that purpose I thought we had and now we have lost? That is a big question for the next blog.

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