Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oct 15 to 25


October 21

Dear Jan,

Tonight was the Fall Dance at Runnymede. I don’t know how you feel, but I love being among the youngest in an event! Nevertheless, what I will remember from this night for a long time is to see you dancing and laughing. So amazing!

I had kept the time open but was not sure if you would feel like going. I was wrong again! You were the one that kept mentioning the dance since we got up this morning. You were more concerned about how to match your shoes with your dress than about Aphasia or any other condition. It was priceless.

Just before we changed to go to the dance, you said that you were a bit anxious. It was eight months and nine days ago the last time we were getting ready for another dance… same time of the week, same time of the day, different month, different day but the same couple, repeating the same motions that for a moment felt ominous. We didn’t know then what we know now. That evening, not even the emergency workers that came with the ambulance had any idea that you were having a brain hemorrhage or the staff at the emergency room that first got an ECG thinking that maybe you had cardiac arrest. But now we know the risks, the symptoms and the consequences.

We continued getting dressed for the occasion. For a while I was very quiet, as if avoiding any sound or extra words would keep you safer. It is so tempting to deny how fragile we are, “like the wild flowers in the fields”. It is easier to just build a fantasy and believe that that nothing can happen to us; that we are good citizens and pay our taxes; therefore we have the right to expect a safe and bountiful life. But we both know that is not the case, that in life we must expect everything including illness. So, after a while we changed our attitudes and began taking animatedly about the dance. We were going to live life with faith and without fear. We were going to have a good time.

We danced four or five songs, eat some junk food and drank soda drinks. We held each other and felt the music penetrating our skins, reaching our bones. Just being there at the dance was like having battled with our inner monsters and defeated them. Freedom from fear is exhilarating. After a couple of hours you decided you have had enough and we went home happy and filled with hopes for the future.


October 20

Dear Jan,

For several weeks we were waiting for this day. We met with the whole team at Bridgepoint for a family meeting. This happens when the end of the treatment is near. Indeed, they were planning to bring all the treatments to a closing by the end of October, however, because of the remarkable progress you have made in the past three to four months, they decided to extend out-patient services for another two to three weeks. They also included physiotherapy in the hospital’s swimming pool.

Every therapist presented their report. All agreed on the marked progress they see in you. Very refreshing and uplifting to hear all of the “experts” that you have gained so much, and the hope that you will continue .

I got two lessons from this meeting,

One, that these type of medicine and techniques (allopathic) to help in your rehabilitation were the best option after the operation. However, they are leaving the process when there is still a lot to restore and rebuild in you.

Two, that naturopathy seems like an ideal continuation of the healing when the “fixing: has stopped and what your brain requires more action that can’t be offered by institutional medicare.

You were so happy to hear about your progress. You also are looking forward to try another approach to rebuilding your brain by using glycoscience. We are walking into another stage with lots of hope and support from all.


Benefit Dance for Jan!

TICKETS: $15 each or $25 a couple
DATE: November 4, 2006
TIME : 7:00 P.M. This is an early start for people who are from out of town. Please try to be on time.
PLACE: Masonic Hall, 24 James Street East, Orillia, Ontario

Fede & Jan fede_carrillo -at-
Tina Larsen Orillia 705-326-5516
Louise Erhart louise.erhart054 -at-
Angela Black 905-432-3426 or garden.junkie -at-
(Note: replace -at- with @ for the actual email addresses.)

Tickets will also be available at the door, however if you do plan to purchase your ticket at the door, it would be very much appreciated if you could email or call to let us know you're coming.

Attendance to this function is critical, not only to help raise money but to show Jan how much we really care! Just imagine how Jan is going to feel when she sees all her friends and family joined together in so much love and support? This is the opportunity we've all be waiting for, let's give back to the Jan who has given so much of herself to others.We are still in great need of items or services for our raffles, silent auction and games. These items could include gift certificates and new household items, anything sports, crafts, gift baskets etc. Go together with a friend or a group, be creative, be unusual! If anyone can help out please email me at garden.junkie -at- (note the . and replace -at- with @)

Please bring cash ATM not availableBuffet: To be served at approximately 10:00 P.M.Cash BarIf you can't make it to the benefit dance and you would still like to make a donation please make cheques payable to "Jan Walton" and mail to:
Angela Black
301 French Street
Oshawa, Ontario
L1G 5N4


Ret said...

GUYEEEEEEEEERE!! How wonderful to hear about you having such a fabulous time at the dance! I wish I could have been there too! I lvoe to dance. With or without Dave I hope to be dancing up a storm at your big bash next weekend.

I have been having a major blast at the Geneva Autism Symposium this week! I am truly inspired by Temple Gradin and want to study neurophysics and be a professor like she is, studying about the works of the brain!

My dolls and other injittiments have been selling like hotcakes. I've been truly in my element this week but in danger of burnout because I've been too excited to sleep.

So happy for you and so happy about life in general! Feel free to have a peek at my new 'blog!


Ret said...

P.S. This has GOT to be one of the COOLEST SONGS EVAAAARRR!!! I hope you enjoy it and you might want to make sure the deejay has it!!! SQUEEEE!!! *bounce-bounce!*

Ret said...

P.P.S I just found out the hard way that this link doesn't lead directly to the song I want to share with you. GO to the "Video" page and it's called "I Don't Feel Like Dancing". The first time I heard it in the radio yesterday at first I thought it was the Bee Gees.

Ret said...

Hello again, Jan! I'd like to try to convince Mark and Janette to come with me to your bash if we could have a chance to do a little bit of entertaining and put on a short show to liven things up. I'd like to do a couple songs. I've had this concept in mind but I'm not sure whether or not they like the idea. I've write about it in my 'blog.

I'd want to do at least two or three songs and have them on stage to be my "bug elevator technicians" during "NIagara Bug" Well, with or without them I'd like to entertain if there is time and you will have me! Please let me know. I don't just want to ram fun down everyone's throat against their will.