Thursday, March 29, 2007

A portrait of Jan

A portrait of Jan:

One October night, four friends came to dine with us. One of them wrote this poignant portrait, three and a half months before the aneurysm)

"A woman who carries herself with grace and efficiency. Slim and strong. A brunette beauty with a classic bone structure. She would be a beauty in any era. She speaks in low, warm tones and is surprisingly authoritative without being domineering. Jan laughs and smiles easily, ready to see the fun, the humour, ready to celebrate. A brave adventurer, she's travelled and taken other bold risks. Fede, her beloved, a case in point. Oh, how she delights in him, admires him, trusts him. She herself inspires trust. Some people do, at first glance. She's one these. Immediately, it is seen that she's solid and sane. Her eyes are clear. She has nothing to hide.

Her keen curiosity has led her to a wide range of literature. There is something traditional about her -a wholesomeness associated with a past era, or a t least to a rural setting. She's clean and openhearted. Her kindness is inherent, so natural to her; it seems to be unthought of.

But make no mistake. This is a woman with backbone. She has a will, and as warm, kind and gracious as she is, she owns herself and can't be pushed around..."


The aneurysm took Jan's abilities with speech, mobility and memory for a while, but inside that battered body, I often find exactly the same Jan described in this portrait.


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