Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yes, we are moving again! Write down in your calendars April 28 and 29 as the "M" days, and find your "moving" attire to give us a hand. We need your help!

When Jan came out of the hospital, I found a new apartment close to the church and with access to a nice backyard. It is a basement suite, and being an urban rat I didn't even think for a minute that Jan would object. Well, shec ame with me when we found it and she agreed, but using her prerrogative as a woman to change her mind, she changed it once we had moved. She agreed to wait until the winter was gone to plan the next move, and here it is!

Finding a place in the 'hood has been quite a challenge, not because there are no options, but because Jan is "choosey". So, pray for guidance to find the right place, a place open to everyone, a place of good cheer.

Call us if you are coming. Thanks! Gracias! Merci!


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Ret said...

I would be glad to help you! :)