Saturday, April 14, 2007


Update on Surgery.

Last Wednesday Jan and I went for an appointment to the Plastic Surgeon. Initially we thought that the vist was going to be actually the surgery to "fix" the problem with Jan's bone flaps, which seem to have broken and be loose. The explanation we were given is that after four months of keeping them in a freezer at the hospital, when they put them back in, Jan's body didn't "recognize" the flaps and it began dissolving the bone flaps. The Plastic Surgeon confirmed that the bones bay have been already dead when they were re-inserted. So, now, she has to get some computarized prothesis in the next three or four months. Eventually, jan's hear will look normal, it is a matter of time.

We know many of you expected to find Jan recuperating from surgery this week, instead, she is around as always, speaking more and moving more somedays, and then struggling with aphasia and right neglect other days.

Thanks for your support and prayers for Jan. She (we) need them all.


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