Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Doing well

Hi all:

If there is anyone out there in cyberspace reading this blog, I want to make a statement of ownership. All the views in this blog deal with my views and opinions about Jan's journey from the top of her life to the edge of death and back. Other that a couple of lines she wrote months ago. The rest is all from my own head and heart. Jan may or may not agree with my views. if you want to know how she is feeling, you better talk to her (yes! albeit slow, she can talk to you on the phone.)

Life as leader

I am getting as much from life as I am putting into it. That's right! I only get what I give. If I give sadness, that's what I get. If I give hope that's what I get. If I take myself out of the game, that's what I get: I'm left out. That is a basic lesson in life. That is essential knowledge for a leader.

Jan is a leader in life. She is doing wonderfully. She was taking a drug to control seizures that produced many side effects: sleepiness, reduce language ability, nausea, irritability, etc. Last week her physician changed the medication and she is doing woderfully now. She even took hope when the physician told her that if the seizures do not recurr in a year, she would be free from all medication! Halleluja!

I was travelling for a week, when I came back this morning I was the one who was speechless, she was moving her right side almost freely and her speech was excellent.

I love my Jan wherever she is in her recovery, but this morning my heart filled with hope that she will regain even more functions just because her hope and belief are so strong. She is getting what she is putting in life. All the physicians that have seen Jan since her illness have repeated that the degree of recovery of functions depends mostly on the patient's determination to get well. Believe me, in her circumstances, I have not seen anyone as determined as Jan.

An hour after I arrived, she left for a three day camping with all the females from her family! She is able and expects everyone else to hold her able. Beginning now, I am holding her able as well. This is the end of treating her as a disabled person. Besides, she gets more support when people hold her able.

I know she is having a lot of fun right now.


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