Friday, October 02, 2009

A good rainy day

I worked late in a manuscript ready for the printers. My only company was Clayderman's renditions of Beatles music. 3am arrived and I felt satisfied having found more "bugs" in the manuscript. It will never be perfect, but now it feels like an excellent piece of work. I'm sure Pablo will feel satisfied. A few minor additions to round up stories and weave them into the whole piece will make it a fine piece. I was chilled and wondering whether I would be able to sleep after the instant coffee (aaarrrgghh! I know, but that's all I could find at midnight, other than collecting the leftovers from the tea cups in the sink to make one full cup, which didn't sound appealing, not even to work on a fine manuscript). I placed my ear to the pillow and snugged tightly against Jan's side. She felt warm and cozy. I though about the word home. She was my home right there. I kept focusing my thoughts on one concept at a time: love, Jan's love, God's love, my sibling's love, my friends' love, love without a definition, love as a person, love with a face and a name. I thought about the colour that most likely represented love for me. I thought about the nature of love, its actions, its cost, its consequences. I thought of Jesu. I felt calm inside and warm. I drifted slowly into a bright fog, or was it dark? I can't remember and I think it doesn't matter. I was deeply asleep, and I can't remember moving until 8:34am this morning, when nature called..

Jan is feeling better today. But she had two bad days. So the score seems to be two bad for one good. I reminded myself of my commitment to do at least one act of random kindness for Jan every day. I held her close when she felt overwhelmed. No questions asked. She knew what she needed to know.

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Paul Barden said...

Tell Jan hello for me, and send her my love. Better days ahead! (I hope)