Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back to PT, ST and OT

Dearest Jan,

Today, I got to see you again at your best at the hospital. The old Jan, the one that pulls no punches and doesn't ask for any special considerations, was back on the spot, arguing her points and standing tall. I must confess that I felt proud of you, making your points and giving the Dr. a run for his money. He wanted to talk to me, because he can't talk to you without the two of you getting into endless arguments. But you wanted to be heard. You wanted to feel validated as a card-carrying member of this society, to be talked to as a normal human being with full intellectual capacities. You refused to be labelled as a "patient", to be treated as deficient, to be rolled over by the opinions of the Dr. who was not very much interested in what you had to say. Instead, you spoke clearly and articulate about your experiences, feelings and opinions. You felt good about yourself. Once he listened to you, then you were able to find some reason in his opinion. This is the Jan I married, the one that will stand up and speak out her truth. For the length of that visit you were back with 100% of your "mojo". I know I'm biased, but that is love.

Nevertheless, what the Dr. lacks in bedside manners, he compensates with giving 100% himself to caring for his patients. In a sense, hospitals are schools about our common humanity, patients are there to complete a personal healing process as much as the health providers. Both sides learn from each other, both sides mirror each other.

It was thrilling to see your gradual trasnformation, from the quiet stance you took during the trip, the massive lunch you got at the cafeteria and then, the marching into the out-patient wing as if it was your private territory. You were in your element. You walked there as if you owned the place. You were greeted by the therapists with such love, the secretary greeted you by first name. To put this into context, the hospital sees over ten thousand out-patients a year, but they greeted you by your name! This stance continued for the next hour. We went from the reception into the Dr.'s office and later to the lab. You were glad that you will be re-starting your ST (speech therapy) and Occupational right from tomorrow.

I was so happy to se you in that frame of mind after several days of depression, that I forgot to consider all the driving that will be involved in taking you to your sessions.

I hope our dear friends will give us a hand until the Wheels-trans makes a decision on our application.


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