Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New abodes

Sorry for the delay in blogging. I got connected only tonight.

Many thanks for the generosity and muscle lent to make the move smooth. Thanks for Hanz and Franz Movers Inc. (David and Wolf+Monica) who continued helping with unpacking, Ali, Mojgan F + hubby, Sharon, Louise, Sarah, David, Betty, Julia, Linda Ruth, Jeannie, Rudy, Enrique, Norma, Lynn, Ted, and many others of whom I am forgetting their names and who will be forgiving and understanding of my old age memory.

We live in a small flat. Close to everyone and most services. Easy for Jan to navigate, and with a friendly landlord. We kept the same phone number, and email contact information. For our mailing address, please find the info in the yahoo group:

If you haven't subscribed, go to this link and request to be included in the group:

Jan had a rough time before, during and after the move. The change was overwhelming and many times she just "clammed up" or became upset. But she is a real trooper and is working hard in finding her balance. As a bonus, we enjoy a large backyard where Jan sits for hours in the afternoons to enjoy the sunshine and to relax.

This afternoon she was teaching me some music theory to apply to the guitar. I found that I am a terrible student and the teacher almost quit on me a couple of times, but thanks to her patience, she continued until I learned the lesson for the day.

As many of you know, I have taken time off work to spend with Jan. It was important to be close to her during the change, as well as right after she left the hospital. While she continues to improve in her speech and mobility, her needs have become clearer as time passes. We have become very close to each other, and she has grown to expect my presence around her most of the time. This is good because it is building our relationship (we had been a couple for only 5 months, and it was 5 months ago that Jan had her surgery), but it is also putting some strain in the planning of my return to work.

So far, I've been developing independent work options that will allow me to spend more time with her. I ask for your prayers for this. That the proposals submitted may be accepted. At the same time I am exploring other options. For those in the know, this is real water walking...

I want to remind everyone that your prayed and Jan is alive. Some of you even had marvelous visions of Jan totally restored. There was a quiet, but real power unleashed by all your prayers. Please don't stop. Now we need them more than ever.


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Ret said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm glad you're connected again! Did you see my LiveJournal post about the travels of the dolls? The one I sent to Della should soon be in England and the one I sent to Richard should be in New York by now.

But more importantly, I am happy to know that you are doing well! Moving into a new place can be a tad overwhelming at the best of times. I hope to see you again soon but I don't know quite when yet.