Thursday, June 22, 2006


Yes! The moving day is approaching fast.

We decided to move this weekend (June 24) to avoid the "moving jam" of the next weekend. We have been packing away, at times I wonder why do we possess so many things, how did we get into this situation. I envy those who have found the way to simplicity.

Thanks for the wonderful help of so many during this packing period. Thanks to those who will help this weekend in the moving. Thanks to those who will help us unpack. We are indebted to all of you for your generous help.

Jan has been struggling with the stress. She also suffers the side effects from the medication. But, all in all, she has been a trooper. Remember her in your meditations.

Fede and Jan


Linda Ruth said...

Hi Jan and Fede,

Sophie and I will be over to help you with unpacking sometime Sunday afternoon. I thank God with all my heart for answered prayer that you will be here in our neighbourhood!

Linda Ruth

Ret said...

I can hardly wait to see you on MOnday! I'll look forward to helping out. Mark, Janette and I are going to the CN tower so I'll be over in the afternoon, hopefully some time before 2:00

Love, 'Ret

Ret said...

I'm excited about coming over tomorrow. I hope you've had a chance to read your messages because I have this exciting interactive art project I have invited you to take part in. Seven dolls I've made are goig to be temporarily billetting with seven very special friends of mine until they are passed on to other friends of the friends I present them to. Pictures will be taken of the dolls in the places they are visiting and emailed to me to post in a special 'blog as the dolls are passed on from one person to the next. I got the idea from a similar project about stars.

Ret said...

Hi Jan!
It was good to visit with you yesterday and help out in anyway I could. Cooking for you was fun. To think a few short months ago you could hardly swallow liquid through a straw and there you were enjoying the omeelette I had made.

I will be sending two of the other dolls to Della in England and Richard in New York and as the dolls travel from place to place their pictures will be posted in this 'blog
I hope to have pictures in there by the end of this week.

Ret said...

Hi Jan!
I thought you'd enjoy this cute kitten video! :)

Ret said...

My community is up and running now! The pictures are finally here...

Are there going to be anymore posts or is this it? I tried to join that Yahoo newsgroup but can't seem to navigate my way through it. I miss reading updates.
Love, 'Ret