Friday, June 16, 2006

A friend in need is a friend indeed

If anybody told you that life was about something else than friends and loved ones, they are missing the point. We are wired to love and to be loved.

When we stop the flow of this life-giving energy, we get "emotional constipation" and risk a myriad of emotional and physical problems. Life is not about knowing more, nor having more things or security, nor having more titles. It's about giving and receiving love and friendship.

Ask Jan. She knows it well. Her aneurysm challenged her language but flooded her days with love. She lost some mobility, but her friends from close and far all made the trip to correspond to her in person or in words the love they feel for her. When posed with the question of what is the most valuable possession she has in her life, Jan answers without hesitation: the love from God, from my family and from my friends!

This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have rough days. That’s just part of life. But even in the middle of these dark days, there is plenty of love going on in her life.

Today, we picked up our cat from the hospital. He, too, had an operation to be “fixed”, so Jan provided to him some TLC.

Jan was in speech therapy this morning and is in the waiting list to continue with physio and occupational therapies. However, the service provider may change when we move.

When sending emails to indicate your interest to help, please provide us with a number or email to contact you. Thank you everyone for the love you show for us both in practical ways.


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