Friday, June 09, 2006

Jan's first blog

So far I have been writing this blog as a coversation with my Jan, however she warned me yesterday in no uncertain terms to stop writing about her; that from now on, she would be the only person authorized to talk about Jan. So, here is the first blog from Jan herself:

Hello, here is my own version of life. I'm getting my life back now. My friends are very dear and I am greatly treated. This is all for now.



orestn said...

Hi Jan, welcome to the blogosphere. Every time I've read about your marvellous progress I've been waiting for the day when I would read your own words on your own blog, so that day is finally here!

Ret said...

Hi Jan! It's wonderful to read your own words! Great picture! Your cat looks adorable! I'm looking forward to visiting at the end of the month when I've finished school for the summer.
It's amazing to see what GOd has been doing in your life! Keep it up! (((hugs!)))

Linda Ruth said...

Dear Jan,

Praise God for the way He is healing and restoring you.

From Sacred Space, the website of the Irish Jesuits: It is no accident that the Holy Spirit came down on a group, not an individual. The story of Pentecost is of a community. John Donne's wonderful sermon echoes here: No man is an island ...... From the beginning, huddled in fear in the Upper Room, the first Christians prayed together, talked together, learned together. The tongues of fire appeared on all of them. We are called into communion with one another. … We strengthen our faith and love by contact with one another, and through one another, with the Holy Spirit.

I'm grateful that we are in community together.

Love and blessings,
Linda Ruth