Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Moving is closer

The move is getting closer. This afternoon doing our routine visits to places with some potential, we went to see this flat in the High Park/Annette area that Jan thought it just was the right place in the right location: recently renovated, lots of privacy, space, smack right in between the community of RUCs, and, I think, the deciding feature was the back yard. Having grown up in open spaces she is always on the look for fresh air, green grass, a view of the sky and a place to BBQ. If you are interested and willing to give some time, please check the yahoo groups on top of this blog during Saturday the 17, or the 24 & 25) We will be eternally grateful for your kind help, until the next move...

Jan continues her amazing progress. Her speech is progressing, her balance and walking have also improved considerably. Her temper is intact (someone once told me that she wears it on her sleeve, so it was not affected by the operations), her determination is admirable, considering the mountains she has to climb, her capacity to love is deeper and of a higher quality; her faith stronger than ever -she really has demonstrated to be a water walker- Please remember her in your prayers. She needs and welcomes your support.



orestn said...

Here is a link to a sound clip - it's an short arrangement I wrote that was inspired by Fede's post "If my heart was a river".


FC said...

Thanks, Orest, Jan loves the music.