Sunday, June 11, 2006

Packing time

The last two days were a continuation of the packing prelude for the big move. Dearest Jan, at times like this you sound very close to GI Jan. Yes, Ma'm, Sir! selecting things for the "Sally Ann" from things to keep. I am amazed at how well you Keep your balance among the hundres of items and boxes found all over the place. Everyone comments that this is 100% Jan. If there was any doubt that you were back, here is the proof! You a

I know you banned me from writing about you in this blog, but how can you ban light? or how can you stop the rain? How can you ban me from talking about my wife?

Donna was a wonderful companion for you on Saturday. The two of you accomplished a lot and at the end of the day, we could see the back walls of your closet. Wolf kindly took care of the backyard and shared with us his everpresent joy.

Julia noticed that after a couple weeks of not seeing you, your speech continues to improve, in spite of the medication. Orent and Josephine spend a few hours packing away with us. I feel privileged to know this crowd through you Jan.


>>Time is getting short and we would like to be out of here before the end of the month. This is a special call for help on the weekend of the 24 to finish packing and possibly moving. Please check the yahoo groups for more info. The button on top of this page is a link to the site where a registration process has to be completed to eb a member of the group.<<

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orestn said...

Fede - Jan said she was going to share her friends with you, and you know how Jan is about keeping her word :-)

Ret said...

Hi Jan. I tried to leave a message for you via the Yahoo group but I can't seem to coordinate my way around it. From what I understand you and Fede are moving at the end of the month. I know the 24th is going to be your busy day. Will you still be in your present location during the last week of June or will you already be in your new place? I need to know because I want to come over and spend some time with you during my holidays. You and Fede can email me at