Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Dear Jan:

It's been a while since the last blog. No excuses, because we have spent a lot of time together in the past two weeks. I cannot say that life with you boring or dull, on the contrary, since I met you, I receive everyday with expectation and the certainty that you will not let me go empty-handed without some form of adventure or excitement for the day.

One major event this week was that on September 17, we celebrated the first anniversay of our wedding! Steve and Sue took us to the Old Mill, a beautiful restaurant in the west. It's hard to believe that one year has passed. My perception of time feels off because of the time spent in the hospital. But here we are! Only one year and with so much learned. I reafffirm in my heart that you are the best blessing in my life. I celebrate your character that does not give up in front of adversity. I embrace your love for life and for me. I dance of joy for the strength of your faith which is the way you love your Master, I delight in the love of our families and friends. One year with you has taught me so much about life and death, pain and hope, and above all about the power of love. I look forward to the future knowing that you will be by my side, always ready to fill my days with adventure and life.

I love you Jan. I am glad you said yes a year ago.


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Ret said...

Happy Anniversary!

Your wedding day feels like only yesterday. It was such a wonderful, fun time. It's only natural to feel nostalgic at this time. Weddings are so wonderful.

The whole time Dave has been in the hospital I've kept our wedding picture on my bedside table and reflected fondly over what was probably one of the most wonderful days of our lives.

This year we've both been well aquainted with the phrase "...In sickness and in health."

We just need to continue to hang in there and believe that God has a wonderous season of reaping and rejoicing waiting for us very soon.