Tuesday, December 05, 2006

All things occur perfectly

I found this note in Phil and Lori's website very inspiring and I wanted to share it with all of our friends. Phil and Lori are very special people in Jan's life. See also the note on Jan in their newsletter. Follow the link below.

All Things Occur Perfectly

Like all people, Lori and I have many faith-based positions – mindsets for which there is no proof as to their validity, at least not at the time I adopted them.

None is more strongly held by Lori and me than the mindset that all things occur perfectly. Both of us say it often to ourselves and in courses. Recently a graduate wrote and asked what it means to us.

At the foundation of this belief are a number of other faith-based positions.

• I have choice. I have choice about how I spend myself and how I think and feel about my life.
• I am the source of my results. They are the product of my net intention – the combination of my conscious and unconscious intention.
• I am served by every one of my results, whether I know it or not. That is to say, I have a lot of intention of which I am not consciously aware; intention that has to do with, for example, my physical and emotional safety and wellbeing.

If I do not practice these ideas, there is little chance I will experience the perfection of life, and no chance that I will experience the perfection of life as it occurs.Sometimes I pretend I don't have choice. Usually it is when I am unwilling to pay the prices that I make up are attached to my options. When this happens, I don't think about how perfectly life is unfolding, I just slog along thinking others are in control of my life. Ugh!

Sometimes I produce results that I don’t like. I pretend that I am not the source of them, primarily because I am not aware of my net intention that produced them and I do not understand how they serve me. When this happens, I don't think about how perfectly life unfolds, I just slog along blaming and find fault with others about my life. Ugh, again!

Later, sometimes much later, I end up thinking; “I now understand how that was perfect, given where I am in life now.” I experience the idea that all roads lead to where I stand.

The trick is to connect with the perfection of what I am attracting in the moment of the attraction.

This is a faith-based position. It is a matter of choice. The more I choose it and operate from this position, the truer it becomes.

Most people do not adopt it at all. They spend a lot of time in resistance to their results (the truth about the way things are in their lives), feeling victimized, angry and self-critical. About their results and their lives, they think, "This sucks."

Of course, it is my resistance, victimization, anger and self-criticism that feed and perpetuate the results that I do not like. These are the thoughts and emotions that mask the perfection of all things as they occur.

So there is no misunderstanding, Lori and I do not believe that operating from this position justifies consciously acting in ways that violate our values, giving less than our best, treating people unkindly or abdicating ownership for doing what we believe adds the most value.

We encourage you to live up to your greatness, with more commitment, courage, character and faith than you ever imagined, while remaining compassionate with yourself and others.

We believe that, although you may not fully appreciate what a gift you and your current situation are NOW, someday you will be clearer. Be excited about NOW and the opportunity to create a world with even more possibility for you and your people will become apparent to you.

by Phil and Lori
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