Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More love


Thanks again for the endless love from the Runnymede church community. Last Sunday we got another cheque for $2500 for Jan's rehab and Orest just delivered tonight another $300 from two loving individuals more. We are left speechless, so we tell all of you with our hearts a million thanks! May the Lord bless us in the future so we can also bless others the way you have blessed us.


Jan is getting ready to start the next phase of her rehab. She will be going to the new therapies twice a week starting this week. She is really exicted about this.

She is also feeling a lot better after the doctor agreed to reduce her medication to 50% after warning her of the risks. But Jan is no stranger to taking risks and she would not shy away of risks if the result is an improved quality of life. Please pray that the new dosage is sufficient to keep her from having more seizures and that eventually she may be free from this medication.

Fede and Jan

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