Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wish list

Dear Jan:

By now most of your students have already prepared their wish list for Christmas. They have edited it many times and included their most special hopes and toys. For more than 20 years you have been a teacher and love this season. Anyone who has visited your home during this season surely remembers the hundreds of decorations platered on the walls, windows, doors, ceilings and any ohter place where you could hang something to express your desire to celebrate.

Everyone has a wish list even if it is secret. This year, what is in your wish list? When I asked you the question, your answer was simply: I don't have a wish list for this year. But I know some of your wishes even if there is no list:

-to get your speech back (be healed from aphasia)
-to get your strength back (be healed from chronic fatigue)
-to get your right side fully reconnected (be healed from right neglect)
-and when you are well, to get clarity about your next mission impossible



Ret said...

HI Jan!
I justy wanted to let you know that I read this 'blog every day and I am always thinking about you. If anything, this has been a season for GOd to show you how much you are loved through the love of all the wonderful friends who have been part of your life, speaking to you words of encouragement. You are so blessed by so much love in your life. You are a wonderful person who has made so many peoples' lives richer for having known you. I enjoy thinking about all the happy times we've had. It breaks my heart that I had to miss your party.

I often think of you during my volunteer placement when I am making the sign language cards. You used to be so good at that. Languages in general have always come so naturally to you.

Now it's time to be still and allow God to do HIs work, whatever that may be. If I could send a hug through cyberpace it would be right here.

Warm fuzzies,

sharon said...

Dear Jan,

My wish list is that I could spend more time with you. My second wish is that more people were more accepting like you. Finally my last wish is that that God continues to bless you with his healing. Jan you a miracle & gift to everyone in the way you continue to perserve, love & make a difference in the world in your own way. I know some days are difficult but you continue to show determination to beat the odds over & over. My wish is this never ends & that one way this journey will end with full recovery. You are so blessed with many family & friends. The greatest gift is the love.

I am off this Wednesday and I want to contribute $100 towards your new rehab. I will call you to set up a time that is best for you on Wed.

I am always praying for you my sister in Christ and always think of the memories we shared & more to come.

Love always