Monday, December 11, 2006

Jan on Friday - looking good!

Hi all. It's brother Steve here. Jan and Fede were over for a very pleasant visit on Friday. Here's how Jan looked. Fantastic, right?


sharon said...

I agree with Steve. Jan does look fantastic- beautiful as always & she also has a beautiful soul. I visited her yesterday & we even baked shortbread cookies from scratch and then went grocery shopping. I am amazed at her growing independence.

I look forward to seeing you soon again Jan, perhaps in the next week or two for a christmas visit to share some christmas cheer.

Love always
Sharon DeSouza

Ret said...

HI Jan!
You're looking great in your picture. You are in my prayers every day. My idea about Woodbine Centre will probably have to wait for awhile as I am pretty much broke from Christmas shopping. I'd just be glad for us to spend time together. ANything to make up for misssing your party.
*hugs and warm fuzzies*