Monday, September 24, 2007

Jan is out!

1:50pm. The volunteer in charge of passing information in the waiting room, told us that the operation went allright. Jan is in the recuperation room (I assume it is next to the OR area). We are directed to go to the 5th floor to the Intensive care unit, where she will arrive. This is the same Unit Jan saw over a year ago after her first visit to this hospital. the one that a day after Jan was moved to a general ward, was flooded and closed for a few weeks while crews worked frantically to repair the damage.

Teh surgeon came to the visitor's area when we were at the cafeteria. So we went looking for him to his office. He is still operating, so Mom and I went to the waiting area in A148 to pick the bags with Jan's clothes. We also have a blanket that she forcefully insisted we bring. She knows that the hospital blankets are not warm enough for her. Mom and I look like two hikers looking for a place where to pitch our tents.

Wait, wait, wait. This is the main game in hospitals. I wonder if this is why the main clients are called "patients". You need the patience of Job in this place.

Mom and I migrated to the small waiting area in the 5th floor. We are told by the nurse at the reception desk to wait for about an hour because there are no beds available... So we can't see her yet... We'll keep you posted.


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