Sunday, September 23, 2007


The surgery will be Monday, September 24 at 9am.

The preparation time has been emotionally draining for all. Jan is doing a lot better with the new medication, but still there are some side effects that Jan would like to get rid of.

I have learnt that neurology is more art than science, medicine knows still very little of how the brain works or heals and when a medication is prescribed, it is a hit and miss thing because each individual reacts to the chemicals in a different way!

But don't get me wrong, I still respect the efforts of the surgeons and specialists, even though their knowledge is so limited. They are courageous people to do what they do, knowing what they know.

Here is a picture of what they will "fix" in Jan's head, except that instead of the bone flap Jan will get a plate made of polymers:

Please join us with your prayers in this stressful time. Before, through and after science we trust that the maker of Jan's brain will protect her.


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