Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The New Hairdo

Jan was in a lot better space today than yesterday. We arrived for the visit in the early afternoon. It was a scorching day out there! She called Mom and I to order for arriving late, indicating that she was feeling lonely all morning with no one to talk to because the nurses are all busy, and then, she settled into to a non-stop conversation mode for then next five hours.

I asked her if she had seen her new hairdo. I thought it was lovely. I said that she looks just like an independent teenager with an 'out of the box' fashion taste.

She said: No, these nurses and doctors are running all the time, they have no time to bring me a mirror. Mom didn't have one either, so I went to a nearby mall to find one. When I came back, Dad and Carol had arrived. So all of us had a great time seeing Jan check out her new hairdo. What do you think? Should she dye it pink or blue?

Her progress has been amazing from one day to the next. Of course, I am comparing to last year's experience, when it was weeks before she was able to say a word and more weeks before she could walk. She is taking an antibiotic as a profilactic measure, to keep the wound from infections and keeps taking her regular pill for seizures. Otherwise, she is very alert and in a very good frame of mind.

During the time I was there, she decided to go to the bathroom; the nurse and I walked on either side holding her hands, but her walk was very steady. She began asking for solid food when the chart indicated only fluids. She called two or three nurses and told them that she was starving, that she wanted some real food! One male nurse obliged and placed a special order for her. By 7:00pm Jan was eating her supper with such glee that everyone celebrated.

As you notice in the pictures, her bandage was taken off this morning. She was looking at the hairdo with delight and at her scar with curiosity. they cut exactly along the same lines made in the first operation. If experience counts, her scar will become a fine line in a few weeks and hair will cover it, so it will be invisible.

Many, many thanks for your love and prayers. You were as important in this process as the surgeons themselves (it's no exageration).




Glen said...


You don't know me, I'm an aquaintance of Sue's.
Sue recently e-mailed me of Jan's circumstances.
I totally believe in the power of prayer, and for a few days now have prayed for Jan and her surgery.
God is sovereign, His will will be done, and I pray that Jan will be fully healed back to health.
May Jan, and all of you know His peace as you continue through this ordeal.



FC said...

Glen, thank you for your words of encouragement. They mean a lot to us.