Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back on track, so to speak

Dear Jan,

After the scare from Monday, you keep moving on, rebuilding what was lost. But the road is not without it setbacks. The promise was that He would be with you every step of the the trip, not that the trip would be without pain and sometimes doubt.

Yesterday you were on the way to the hospital. David S. was the volunteer driver; but you didn't make it. You re-started the medication that morning and it caused nausea and dizzines. When you came back home covered in vomit, I could read on your face the magnitude of your dissilusionment. You took a bath and slept for most of the day.

Today was more "normal" -if there is such a thing-, I drove you to your therapies and to a visit to the Doctor. You complained that it wasn't fair that you wold have to go back to taking this medication. He tried to comfort you by saying that it would be for 6 to 12 months and then, he would re-assess. The words maybe were limited in your argumentation, but your ideas were perfectly clear. A positive development was the start of PHYSIOTHERAPY. The young specialist was very keen in getting a sense of your physical abilities. She checked for balance and strength in your limbs and her conclusion was that you are in excellent shape. There is some pain in the right shoulder and some limitation in the rotation of your arm, other than that, you are progressing fine.

Back on track, or at least that's how it seems today.

Rejoice about Monday and Tuesday and today.
Tomorrow is a mystery we both await with expectation.


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