Sunday, August 13, 2006


Dear Jan,

It is so easy to forget that you still need ramps to communicate; it's so easy to assume normality when talking to you, because some days you sound so clear.

The engine broke down this weekend and the communication was minimal. Last Thursday I went with you to your speech language therapy and was surpised to see that in some areas you have more problems than in others. When the therapist asked questions in long sentences with two commands you really ahd to work hard to find the answer, for example:

"if March comes before January, then write your surname on the line below; if March comes after January, then write your name on the line."

Before and after, more than and less than, added as conditionals to a simple command can really give you grief. I wonder if any of your friends know of any programs to practice these type of exercises using a computer.

Tough weeked cleaning and making minor repairs to the house in Lindsay. I will be glad when it sells.


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