Tuesday, August 08, 2006



Dear Jan, another note for your memoirs when the re-installation of reading and writing is completed in your brain.

There have been 17 breakthroughs since your aneurysm on February 10. This one was really exciting because it just happened in a second. You were riding your bike today!

You will remember that Farah came to visit us on Sunday, August 6. She had come to take William for a few months, as we had agreed. At the very last minute, youd decided that he could stay with us. I am sure the cat was happy to stay, he seems to be OK with being the master of the house, if he had gone with Farah, he would have had to be a sidekick for Munchkin, a two year old cat about double his size.

In the afternoon, Farah and I wanted to go for a bike ride. We invited you to come along and sit in a bench at the park. Your reply was customary: "a bench? No way! I want my bycicle". So, I went reluctantly to get your bike, which has only one gear and the breaks are on the pedals. We went to the parking lot of the High School at the corner and there, unsteadily at first, you began circling the parking lot. I walked alongside just to make sure that you would remain on the bycicle, but I didn't need to do anything else that to watch you and cheer for this great breakthrough in your self-confidence. You never forgot how to ride a bike.

After a couple of loops, you asked us to go ahead. I thought you would stay in the parking lot, so Farah and I went for an hour ride along the lake. When we came back, I was surprised I couldn't find you at home nor I could see your bike in the backyard. I went walking to the corner, when I , saw you riding slowly with a big smile on your face. You told me that you had been around the neighbourhood looking for us the whole time!

Just like that. Today you decided that it was time to get on the bike and you did it. I saw determination; I saw how in spite of the fear you went on anyway to do what you learned many years ago; I saw the happines in your eyes after achieving this feat.

This is remarkable, considering that you have very little feeling in your right side. Your brain still neglects to remember that you have a right arm and a right leg. So, to see you riding the bike literally with only one side of you under your total control, was amazing.

Another breakthrough. Number 17, in your wonderful rehabilitation. As Ret and Linda Ruth mentioned in their comments: this is a matter of trust for now and one day we will see back and know that He was in control.


Today we went to High Park again for a bike ride. You were anxious because of the crowds and the traffic, but rode your bike there and back without any incident. You are an amazing woman with a wonderful combination of a soft heart and an iron will. I know I am in exactly the place and with the person I have to be. Knowing this brings a wonderful freedom and depth to our relationship. I am truly thankful for being part of this events.

There are still barriers to overcome and challenges to meet. Yet, I know by your smile today, that in due time, you will overcome them with God's help. There is so much to learn from your knowledge that you are the beloved, and from your living it day to day...


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Ret said...

Praise the Lord! I am so excited for you! I saw the headline "Breakthrough" and I went "oooh!" and then when I read that you were riding your bicycle I really went "OOOOOOH!!!" This is such wonderful news! It is so exciting to know that you're getting back into the activities you always used to enjoy so much! I am so happy for you! This has been one of the best things I've heard in a long time!