Monday, February 20, 2006

Change of Address. . . .

Well, not really a change of address, just of apartment number.

This afternoon, they moved Jan from Critical Care to a unit one step down, called B5 ICU. This is a sign that the medical team thinks Jan is a little more stable than she has been, so we take it as hopeful.

With this move, we have 'taken down our tent' and packed up Camp Jan in the corner of the CrCU Visitors' Lounge that we have occupied since all this started.

Jan still has her own nurse in this new unit and will be monitored very closely. Her nurse this evening told us they may try to get Jan out of bed a little tomorrow. Frankly, I am surprised at this -- I would not have expected it so soon. Please pray for strength and control on Jan's right side, where there has still been very little movement.

Jan's reactions today, like yesterday's, have been somewhat hit or miss. Sometimes she seems to respond directly to what is said, by a tiny smile or a hand squeeze, and other times she seems not to understand or respond at all. We have been told (again) that this is to be expected.

Please also pray for the recovery of Jan's ability to speak. She has not said a word yet, and this may be a sign that she will have to relearn how to make speech. We don't know yet.

This is day post-10 for Jan. It has been ten days since the aneurysm burst and she had the initial surgery. We are in the period of highest risk for spasms in the blood vessels of her brain -- something the medical team will be watching for very closely. And another specific thing to pray about.

Visits in the new unit are more restricted than in Critical Care. Visiting hours are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, and are generally restricted to a total of only 10 minutes each hour. Right now, visits are still limited to family members.

For those of you who choose to come to the hospital to be with us and support us there, the Visitors' Lounge for B5 ICU is, naturally enough, on the fifth floor of B-wing. Take the same elevators you've been taking, but to floor 5 instead of 2. Then follow the corridor until you see the tiny ICU Visitors' Lounge on your left.

We will no longer have someone from the family there all the time -- in fact, in the last couple of days we have had gaps and have missed a few of you who made the trip in. Thank you for coming! We were truly sorry to have missed you. And thanks as well to those who brought or sent food and drink to Camp Jan. We put your gifts to good use!

Thank you all so much for your wonderful and faithful support of Jan and of us in her family.



FC said...

I sent my posting almost at the same time as Steve's. Sorry for the repetition. I am glad I was there at a time when Jan hit the target, while other get to see the misses. We strongly believe she will get well/ Keep on bloggin and praying!

Hector Fernandez (AIPSO) said...

On behalf of AIPSO, I would like to say that we are happy Jan is getting better and better. There is still a long road to a full recovery, but hope is she will get there as better as She is capable of and I think she is really capable of much more.
Please, do not feel discoraged by the diversity of opinions from the hospital staff (MDs or nurses). The medical field is like that. The opinion is based on everybody's personal and professional experience. Results of any condition's treatments are not written on stone and what is really important is your own personal perception of the long recovery procees. How you see her is more important than what the health care team tell you about it.
Do not forget that a patient might forget who was there among the health care team, but they do not forget who was there supporting her from the "family team".

Dr. Hector Fernandez

Jack said...

Hector, thank you for those words. It is good to hear the thoughts of someone in the medical field on our experience.