Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday morning update (Feb. 15)

Jan's condition has worsened. In order to minimize stimulation to her brain, visitors to her beside have been restricted to only two names (family members) for the next three days. And we can only be there briefly, and must follow a strict No Talking, No Touching rule.

Jan came through a second surgery last night. The major concern is the continuing swelling in her brain, so they removed more of her skull to allow for the swelling. They have now inserted a catheter to monitor the swelling inside her brain. If it reaches a certain level, they must immediately decide whether to remove more bone or take other action.

Jan is also now fighting an infection. We are not yet clear on where the infection is.

Dear friends and family, please do not call the hospital to check on Jan at this time. These calls get forwarded to her nurse at her bedside. The number of calls from all Jan's loving friends is impacting the nurses' work, and is also causing a telephone to ring beside Jan -- more stimulation we are trying to avoid. Feel free to come visit the Critical Care visitor's lounge if you'd like to, to support the family and each other.



Julia_A said...

Steve - Thank you so much for keeping us up to date. I continue to have a strong hope for Jan's full recovery. Please continue to let us know how we can pray and be of support to you, Fede and the rest of the family.

Paul from Oregon said...

I wish you and the rest of the family great strength and encourangement, even though her condition is so precarious. I believe that positive thinking and love has a definite effect on the well being of a person, and accordingly I spend much of my time sending loving thoughs her direction. We CAN help Jan with our love and caring thoughts!


Barry & Angela said...

To My Precious Family

My heart is aching for everyone concerned. Please know that you are in our thoughts constantly. We love you all. God Bless You.

Jim_n_Bren said...

Our prayers and (positive energy) thoughts are with you all (pretty much constantly through the day).

I feel very fortunate that my wife Brenda and I were able to visit yesterday (Tuesday Feb14) morning and offer our support and visit Jan before the now stricter visitation rules (post 2nd surgery) came into effect.

We're spreading the word to get more prayer for healing and support coming your way.

God bless all of you!


jayn & michel said...

Fede and Steve and family,
We pray constantly for Jan, for healing, for all of you for strength and understanding and faith.
She is in our thoughts and continuous prayers.
As our team leaves for Chile Thurs, be assured, that there too, we will al continue to hold up up in prayer. Love Jayn & Michel

Jayne said...

Our family sends you our thoughts, prayers, and concern. I have added Jan and to my church's prayer chain, so know that there are people praying for Jan and all of you.

Katy said...

It was great to get the chance to talk to Fede and Steve tonight as Martha, Marianna and I came to pray and be there to share our love and prayers for Jan. I pray that God would continue to protect Jan and give her comfort and surround her in His arms of love. I pray for strength for Fede and both Jan and his families. I am here to support you all in whatever way I can.
Blessings. Katy