Friday, February 24, 2006

Information on SAH

When Jan's aneurysm ruptured, it resulted in bleeding known medically as a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage, or SAH.

The following website contains excellent information on what SAH is, how it occurs, how it is treated, and -- most importantly for us now -- what to expect in terms of recovery.

The SAH Home Page, by Salford Royal Hospitals in Great Britain:

In particular, the site's page on Personal Experiences is useful in understanding the range of experiences and challenges that might lie ahead for Jan. The link is in the navigation area on the left side of the Home Page. By reading the individual experience pages, you will see that individual outcomes vary greatly from person to person.



FC said...

This is a terrific site Steve, thanks for researching it. It answers most of the questions we have had ourselves. I am sure the net effect is some reassurance knowing what to expect. Thanks again.


sharon said...

Hey Steve,

Thanks for providing this information.I had lots Ofquestions and was thinking of going to the library to read about it. This is a very informative site. It helps me understand what other have been through.(though like you said it is different for everyone). I hope Jan is able to read this when she is read & able.

Lastly, is a neurophycholist something that would be a benefit for Jan at this moment to help deal with the emotions & depression.

I like the idea of support groups that the website mentioned.

Take care,