Monday, February 27, 2006

Jan is getting well

One step at a time Jan is getting better. This evening she was interested in my invitation to come home to her own bed instead of this uncomfortable hospital bed. She nodded and smiled, then rolled her eyes saying "dream on"...

She is very active, too active for the likes of the day nurse. She was wearing a restraining coat (untied) to keep her in bed. She seems to be planning already a get away. Whe trying to sleep, she turned and tossed blankets, arranged and re-arranged those infernal wires and tubes. The nurse told Louise that Jan took the IV off, so they switched it to the left arm, because she cannot use the right arm yet...

Upset, frustrated, sad, depressed, tired, overwhelmed and more is what she must be feeling. She appreciates our love and often reciprocates.

Bring your happiness and hopefulness. She sees that in your face and will lighten her days at the ICU.

Thanks on behalf of my wife for your unquestionable love,



FC said...

Last night, Laura reported that Jan asked for a pen and a pencil to write! They gave her the pen and a notepad, she took the pen, looked at the paper, then put them aside. She curved upward one side of her mounth (Oh well, it was a nice try..)

-Papa Juan and Laura

Ret said...

Hi Jan! It's exciting to see the progress you are making! I wish I knew when I could visit. School and work are keeping me pretty busy, but definately not too busy to keep praying for you!

sharon said...

Dear Jan, Fede, Steve, Sue and family,

I agree about Jan's ability to focus &/or trying to recognize visitors. when Jan looked into my eyes as I talked about some memories with her I felt that she was listening and peaceful to hear beautiful memories I had of her. I tried not to read too much into this given her state but she clearly was attentive (or trying to be as much as she could).

Jan I love you so much & continue to pray for both physically & emotional recovery. And also joy and peace of mind, perservance & patience for you, Fede & your family.

I love you. I can hardly wait to visit you again - maybe Thursday or Friday morning. Your beautiful face remains in mind throughout the day.


Katy said...

So happy to hear good signs of progress for Jan. As we begin lent and the coming of spring and more light, I pray that God will continue to provide guidance, healing and direction for you Jan and that God will continue to provide for Fede, Steven, Sue and your families.

Praise God for these signs of progress.
love and prayers,

Rozanne said...

My Dear Jan

How lucky I was to visit on Monday during the day when all was very quiet and to be able to spend some time with you! I felt delighted that you recognized me, but sad when you started to cry. I held your hands and talked to you and I think even made you laugh - if not a laugh it was a beautiful smile. I felt you relax when I sang Amazing Grace, and your ability to communicate was amazing. Your touch and your signals were cognitive and clear, so I just kept on talking to you telling you the "stuff" that has been going on around us. I prayed while holding your hands silently just asking God to keep healing you in the amazing way that only He can. I also told you I would be back to chat again soon. Jan, I am here for you and praying for you. We love you Jan.