Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jan's Progress from Sue

Jan's progress is a very slow process. Fede has seen her shoo people away, but I have not observed this yet. I have seen her flutter her hand in a way that lets you know she does not want to hold your hand, and tiny mostly one-sided smiles; and Steve saw a tiny smile with both sides of her mouth. She has shrugged her shoulders and given a wave of the hand, as if to say "I don't know" or "I don't care", but these are usually brief moments when Jan seems to be lucid.

She seems to be quite depressed right now and is mostly unresponsive.

The family is grieving for the Jan that we all knew, full of energy and effervescence. Right now, that bubbly person that we have all grown to know just gives us a blank stare most of the time.

Thank you again for all of your get well postings, prayers, comfort food, short visits and calls. We are becoming exhausted so our prayer is that we do not become ill.

She still has an infection and we are now asked to wear a mask before seeing Jan. This is for her protection and ours.

I have shed many tears for her but never in her presence. In her presence, I think it is important to remain upbeat and cheerful even if you don't get a response from Jan.

My heart aches for you Jannie and I wish that I could understand what you want or need but right now I feel dumb.

I ask that you continue to pray for Jan's recovery. Every person's recovery path is different. We really don't know what hers is at the moment. The next 10 days will tell the tale.

Those of you that are visiting Jan, please be aware that she will be particularly tired following her sessions with the physiotherapist. Please continue to keep your visitation times short.

God bless, In Him,

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Anne from Lindsay said...

Dear Sue,
I will pray for you and Steve - you must be exhausted. Not only from the long hours of waiting, but from the stress of the unknown.

I ask God to give you rest and help your spirit to rest when you can take a few minutes to do so. I pray that even though you may not be sleeping - that you can take some time to just be quiet in your soul so you can hear God's word.

Jan has people all around the world praying for her - these people have been touched by Jan's beautiful spirit. People are praying for all involved at the Hospital with Jan.

May God be with you all.

Love and God Bless