Monday, February 27, 2006


A quick note to better navigate and plan your visits to Jan. To get a quiet visit and plenty of time, plan to visit during the weekdays (those who can). Mornings and early afternoons are best.

Understandably, Saturday and Sundays are really busy times. These are the only times most people have to visit loved ones at the hospital. In this crowd, some have gone home without seeing Jan or have felt pressured to leave too soon to make room for others to visit. My apologies, if you have been in this situation.

Keep in mind that anyone visiting Jan does it out of love for her. Don't give up visiting and or blogging. She will need your support more in the days to come.



Sherry said...

I am so encouraged to hear about your progress. You are on our hearts hear at B-----. God is our perfect healer and I'm praying for your complete healing and that this experience will touch many lives and point them to Him.

sharon said...

Dear Fede, Jan, Steve, Sue & family,

It was such a blessing to visit Jan. Although the doctors believe she may not recognize people, when Jan looked in my eyes and smiled I felt she was somehow comforted by my presence even for a brief moment. I was touched to see her continual efforts to recover & hope that God continues to rest in her. I mostly let her close her eyes to rest during my visit while I read psalms and prayers from my prayer book. I didn't know what else to do. As I talked to her about my experiences of how much her singing has touched me in a peaceful beautiful way she open her eyes and looked in my eyes and smiled. I told her how important she was to me & how much I was praying for her, & loved her & she smiles and just looked into my eyes as if she was listening. I asked her to hold my hand if she wanted to & she held my hand. It was so beautiful and amazing to see even small responses. I mostly read to her as she closed her eyes the 90% of the time that I was there and she restless moved in her bed pulling the sheets & pillow. The hardest part was leaving as I wanted to be with her. I told her that I would come back soon next week & would continue praying for her, she nodded her head & held my hand & was clearly feeling the ring on my finger for a few minutes.

Seeing her definitely put things in perspective how much she really needs her rest, how physically weak she is, but inside I sense a strong soul with faith that will gradually recover whether it's a weeks or months I don't know, but I am confident that somehow she will.

I love you Jan & miss you alot! See you soon!

orestn said...

I wrote a comment the other day in which I offered to put on a CD for Jan some of the worship songs I recorded at church in the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately I have found that the recording quality is not too good - makes me wonder if they would cause Jan more strain to understand them than bring her comfort.

Meanwhile, Jan, it is so encouraging to read about your continued progress; it seems that you are making progress everyday. I continue to ask people in every praying circle I know to pray for you and your family.

Several years ago you were praying (unknown to me at the time) for a group of people that included me, and your prayers resulted in some changes in my life. Now I'm trying to get as many people as I can to pray for your continuing recovery.