Monday, February 13, 2006

From Fede

Fede posted the following as a comment to the initial entry below. I am reproducing it here, for all to see easily (-Steve):

FC said...

Many thanks for all the love and prayers sent J's way. She needs them all in these critical hours.

She is a warrior and is not giving up. She has also a faith like an old oaktree, solid and deep. Hours before she was taken to the hospital she was reading in the book of Isaiah something she believes to be true 100% : "you are carved in the palm of my hand.." and this is the special relationship with the Lord that keeps her alive right now.

Some data on the aneurism:
  • It bursted at 6PM on Friday Feb 10.
  • 15 minutes after the incident she lost consciousness.
  • Her last words before loosing consciuosness were: Oh Lord, please help us!...
  • The CT scan showed that the area affected is where the language centre is located (left side of the brain). What an irony! she loves most singing and talking.
  • the operation lasted about 3 hours and successfully stopped the initial hemorrage.
  • The operation created some extra bleeding in other areas and swelling on the left side.
  • the left bone plate was kept detached to allow for some extra room for the swelling and to reduce pressure on the right side.
  • The most critical time is the first 72 hours. As it was noted in the first blog: she already has beaten many odds, but she is not out of danger.

Specific things to pray for:

  • +stop the swelling of her brain
  • +that no other arteries seize-up because of the trauma of the operation.
  • +that she is protected from any major long-term negative impacts.
  • +peace and strength for the family.
  • +that husband keeps things in perspective and trusts the Lord in the middle of this life-shattering experience.
  • if you believe in miracles, she needs one right now.
  • Our hope is that she will be able to read these blogs soon and know how much she is loved.

Keep praying and blogging!
10:34 PM

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Roberta C. (Robin) Martin said...

I know Jan through her friend Donna Lillian and had the pleasure of staying with Jan for several days when I was in Canada with Donna. I believe that Jan's marvelous vitality and strenth will stand her in good stead right now, and Jan and her family are in my thoughts and prayers. She touched me, even though I have known her only briefly. I am grateful for the blog to be able to say how much I admire her and that I am thinking of her.


Robin Martin