Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tuesday Evening (Feb. 14)

I apologize for not updating until now. The website has not let me in for updates for almost two days.

For the most part, there is little change in Jan's condition. She remains unconscious and with little movement on her right side.

As of this evening, Jan had developed a fever, and the medical staff had taken samples from her lungs for analysis. Because she is still on the ventilator (although breathing on her own), there is a very real and serious risk of pneumonia. The ventilator is nevertheless necessary, until she is awake and able to clear her airway herself via coughing etc.

Also early this evening, Jan's surgeon determined that she needs more surgery. We don't know yet when that will happen. According to her current nurse, there is still some ongoing bleeding in her brain that needs to be looked after. However, we will wait until we hear something directly from the doctors. The nurses do a terrific job, but for questions like this one, they are only able to pass on to us second hand information.

The family had a meeting with two of the doctors yesterday afternoon, and what they had to say can be summed up in the doctor's opening words to us: "Jan is very, very, very sick." We are thankful that the doctors were open and forthright with us, but it was so difficult to hear all the serious risks that remain for Jan. She has only won the first of several battles so far.

On the other hand, we remain hopeful and faithful. You all know how strong and determined Jan is. And we all know God can give her a miracle, if it is his will.


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Jack said...

I received this at the jan_get_well email address. They asked that I post it here (-Steve):

Dear Jan and Fede

We are all having a difficult time accepting and believing that such a tragic thing could happen to such a wonderful person. We are all praying that you will come back to us soon. We have all kept our faith through the good times and bad, and we strongly believe that this bump in the road will prove to you that our faith is strong in the Lord. Only God knows what your path is at this time and we trust in him to bring you peace, as he loves you.

To the family, we are sending our love in hopes to keep your spirits strong. If there is anything we can ever do to help you know you can call anytime, day or night.

We love you Jan.

Love your Aunt Lil, and cousins Tina, Jaime, Jenn, Mike and Faith.