Thursday, February 23, 2006


Dear all,

Jan is undergoing a massive re-adaptation to reality after a very serious illness. Few people have a brain operation and survive to tell it. I continue to pray that Jan is one of them. Jan's brain and body are struggling with all their strength to get well. This is an incredible battle that includes the effort of every part of her body, her mind and her soul. Sue noted accurately that physically Jan is exhausted after an hour of physiotherapy. The effort is equivalent to a double marathon for Jan. But the effort includes emotions, and this means that Jan is experiencing emotional exhaustion as well as Steve pointed out. Keep this in mind.

The doctor said that this is an expected stage in her recovery. As a matter of fact, the surgeon noted today that Jan is making progress. She still has to be able to swallow, get rid of an infection, and start regaining some of her main functions. Jan will be struggling, sad, angry, depressed, tired, confused, as part of hear healing which could take anywhere between 3 weeks and 4 months or more. There is no calendar because everything depends on Jan's brain ability to heal. Easier said than done, particularly for the family and friends who have to sit on the sidelines unable to help Jan even in a small way.

So, it seems that we all need some form of healing or participation in this process. I invite you to consider creative ways to pull our collective strength together and help each other so we can help Jan. Let us know. Blog your ideas. For example, someone proposed to meet in a group at the chapel of the hospital to pray for Jan and to share feelings or songs. Think and let us know.

We need you in the long haul, in particular in those times when Jan is going though dark valleys.

My gratitude and love to all of you for loving my wife.



Ret said...

COunt me in. I would gladly join you all in the chapel to pray together for Jan. Just let me know when so I can come on down.

sharon said...

Dear Jan,Fede,Steve& Sue and family,

I have read your emails.I can appreciate Jan's depression & sometimes unresponsive state. My heart,soul & prayers goes out to Jan and all of you for perservance, good health for the family & continue healing for Jan's mind,body and spirit. I understand that everyone's recovery process and different.

I too have gone in & out of feeling depressed with Jan's state &if I put myself in her shoes it is terrifying & overwhelming.

I prayed so much for Jan yesterday after hearing about the blood vessel constrictions & all the other complications. I don't think I slept well thinking & wishing that there was more that I can do.

I look forward to visiting Jan & praying in her presence. I hope I can lift her spirits in anyway.

Yes, I think it's a good idea to get together to pray,share feeling, perhaps create a song &record & sing it back to Jan since she looks singing.

I will think of other ideas to lift up her spirits & support each other & especially the family.


Martha said...

Marianna and I were chatting last night about getting together on Saturday and listening to Jan's recording of "Come now is the time to worship" (that she made with Orest) and creating a dance.

Ret said...

I'm curious to know what your first words are going to be! May you wake up singing soon!

Jim_n_Bren said...

David suggested we record the morning and evening RUC church service for Jan.

So, Ted and I will record the morning and Jeff the evening.

We'll then arrange a way to get it to Jan.


FC said...

Sybille wrote in an email:

Dearest Jan and Fede,
Our prayers continue to be with you. I read yesterday's blog, and so include this prayer for you both.

Merciful God, you have given us such a fine gift in Jan and Fede. They are such beautiful members of our community. They are needed, and cherished, and loved. Lord, worker of miracles, Great Healer, be here with them now. We pray fervently, for full recovery for Jan, especially now, as she passes through these critical days. Our voices are lifted up, Lord, in prayer, in hope, in faith. We know that all lies with you, Lord, and we beseech you, be there now, be there in the hospital, in the ICU, directly there with Jan. In these dark and frightening hours, continue to give us small signs of hope. Be present, Lord. Let you your great mercy, your great healing power dwell in this very place. All honour and blessings and glory to you, Lord God. Amen

We are with you every day, Jan and Fede, in thoughts and prayers. Every day we think of you. We pray for you. We care deeply for you right at this very moment. God be with you and with your families.

On a practical note, Doug would like to visit on Sunday, and he was wondering when might be a good time. Any thoughts?

Take care, dear friends. You are very much missed, and loved.

Sybille and Doug