Thursday, February 23, 2006


Echoing what has been said by Sue, at this time please,
-keep your visits short
-postpone your plans to visit if you have a cold or other contagious illness
-be prepared to not be able to see Jan, in emergencies the nurses have to close the unit to visitors for hours at a time.
-wear your mask, gloves and gown
-do not bring flowers for Jan (not yet) or toys, there is limited space. If you really want to bring something, it is best to bring a card.
-be genuine, we don't know if she understands.
-don't talk over her or around her, include her in your conversations
-remember that if she does not have her glasses, she won't see your face at 3 feet, but she may recognize your voice.
-the doctor encourages visits, but the nurses sometimes are of a different opinion, be ready to be caught in between,
-visit hours are from 9am to 9pm with some breaks.
-Try to visit with the family, they need the support too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving Jan so much.


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