Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday morning (Feb 16 7am)

Jan had an uneventful night. The pressure in her brain is at an acceptable level, and her temperature is fairly steady - a little high still, but stable. The nurse removed Jan's cooling blanket for a couple of hours for some rest - she could tell it irratates Jan. Jan has always liked being very warm when she's sleeping!

Jan is still on Tylenol for the fever, and antibiotics for the infection, but is not sedated. Neurology needs her unsedated so they can keep a clear picture of her neurological functions.

The just asked me to leave so they could do x-rays -- we'll try to find out later what the results are.



Diana said...

Dear Jan and family,

Please know that the Sanctuary family (and beyond) are praying for all of you.


Kelly/Denise said...


Greeting from Barkway-home of HRH Misty the Wondergoat and her side kick Lil Midget and site of the ANNUAL, PHENOMENAL, AMATEUR OPLIMPIC SPORT OF, Tournament Chicken Butting"
Official address and salutaions from HRH Queen Misty.

We do not accept anything but the best gifts for all daughter of the Most High God. In light of our shared royal lineage; courtesy of Our Father in Heaven and his most precious Son, our Saviour - Jeasus Christ - we continue to pray for His miraculous outpouring of grace, mercy, love. TOTAL restoration and the absolute, unchanging peace of Christ - for you Jan and all that you love. May God continue to reveal His glory through you. AMEN, love Kelly, Denise, Holly Adam, Michelle, Syephen and Knox Presbyterian Church

Paul from Oregon said...

Hang in there Jan! I just know you are fighting to come back to the people who love you. You can do it!


Carol said...

The Lord has also impressed on me to pray for Jan that He makes all things new.

God Bless everyone