Friday, March 24, 2006

Back to reality

When I got to the Jan's room this afternoon, she was already sitting on a chair just inside the door of her room. She was dressed and had her robe on. She had a cloth bag with some of the things she wanted to bring for the weekend. She was ready. More than ready. I could see the spark in her eyes. Omar and I walked in and she welcomed us with a broad smile and an Aaahhhh! full of satisfaction and expectation.

It was about 5PM. The nurse brought a weeked-pass form and a paper bag with all of the medications Jan takes. Jan was listening very attentive. When the nurse said, no walking alone in the stairs, Jan jumped right in to say: "He takes my hand and is always with me in the steps!" She was not going to let any detail stop her from coming home. One of the residents was sitting by, observing Jan. Jan looked at him in the eye and said "are you not going to say something to me?"; he wished Jan a wonderful weekend."Thank you" she replied.

We took her downstairs in a wheelchair. I pulled up to a back door. Jan was on cloud nine, giggling all the way. With little help she got into the car and asked me to drive carefully "like cotton". We got home and step by step, she could hardly contain her rush to get into the house. Willy William was waiting for her at the bottom of the steps. She was thrilled. It was so rewarding to see her beaming.

It is incredible to think that Jan is home! Day 42 since the operation.

We had a quiet evening talking about fond memories. Her conversation is amazingly clear tonight. Then, she went to sleep peacefully. I took advantage of this time to blog these lines.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and good wishes for Jan. They are really working, so don't give up!



Jim_n_Bren said...


God be praised!

We are all so incredibly happy that you are home again.

Hoping for you all to have an excellent weekend.


Janet Russell said...

Enjoy every momemt and continue to get as much rest and take PEACE as you grow in HIM.


Janet Russell said...

Fede and Jan,
When can I come and be of service?? I am available most Tuesdays and Thursdays after next week when I get my Pain Shots--they leave me too ill for that week--but should be up to driving Jan after that.
Janet Russell

Ret said...

Praise the Lord! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Jan! I'm so happy for you being able to enjoy some time at home!!!