Saturday, March 25, 2006

Weekend day 2

As Saturday comes to an end, I can fully appreciate the amount of work that is involved in monitoring Jan 24/7. Jan came home yesterday evening, went through some personal hygiene routines, listened while I read, then listened to some music before calling the day at about 8PM. When I told her what time it was, she was surprised. She slept some 14 hours with a couple of brief interruptions. In general she was very talkative, and relaxed.

This morning she woke up more irritable. We had breakfast and listened to music. She slept more. At noon Louise and her children came to have lunch with us. Mom, Dan and Carol came later for a visit. Jan slept most of the time her parents were visiting. As the day went on, her language became more difficult to understand, at supper time Steve and Sue came for a visit. Jan's energy dropped and became more irritable. We watched Forrest Gump, at the end, around 10:30 PM, Jan went to sleep.

The day has been full of blessings, but it has highlighted the challenges for the caregivers is Jan was living at home now. The visit has already had its benefits for both, Jan and the family.

Pray for
-Strength and clarity for Jan as she continues to advance her language, cognitive and physical skills.
-Peace of spirit as she realizes that she has to depend on others more than what she would like.
-Perseverance for all. It is easy to feel overwhelmed.
-Wisdom to see beyond the immediate circumstances, and to distinguish what comes from above and what not.
-Trust to step onto the waters...


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Janet Russell said...

I, like so many, can hardly wait to be able to visit Jan in person. I also feel that I can help if we can set up a schedule for the next few months. I specialized in language and physical education as a teacher and I will look forward to learning what I might do to help Jan express herself. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Fede!