Thursday, March 30, 2006

Weekend Pass Vol2

Jan is going home again this weekend! After a thorough conference with Jan, the nurse practitioner and the SW were satisfied that Jan indeed wanted to come home again. They have encouraged her to make her own decisions in things like visits, and sometimes in whether she takes some medications or not. This gives her a sense of more control on what is happening in her life right now. In every other aspect, the institution decides for her. Freedom seems so illusory for her now, yet, in a paradoxical way, she enjoys some of the structure and sense of protection this institutionalization brings, like having a bed with side railings or having regular schedules.

She is happy with the idea and has mentioned a few activities she would like to do.

We are planning a quiet Friday night probably watching a movie or listening to music. She will probably be asleep by 9PM.

Saturday will be a visit day. The family will probably come around noon. Everyone else is welcome in the afternoon. Keep in mind that the room capacity of our living room is 178 people standing... if you are the 179th visitor, you may have to wait in the back deck. If you are planning to visit, bring your guitar or violin or flute. We have a piano, so there is no need for you to bring your own. Jan usually goes to sleep around 8:30PM.

On Sunday, we may go out for lunch. We have to be back at the hospital by 4PM.

Please let me now if you wish to join us in any of these activities in advance so we know what to expect.

This weekend will be a good preparation for Jan's move to the Bridgepoint Rehab Centre where she will be moving on Tuesday or Wednesday. Martha has a very good friend there and last night was telling me that that would be the best option. Thank you for your prayers, Jan is going to the right place!

We know that Jan's Easter will have a resurrection in many levels. Blessings,


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ed and alvina rempel said...

thank you so much for the updates.
We praise the Lord for the progress Jan has made in the past while.
We know that she enjoys music, so we hope that she will soon be able to play that guitar again. How we remember her playing that guitar...It was so excellent.
Many prayers. Ed and alvina Rempel from Calgary