Thursday, March 16, 2006


Jan is facing challenges in her healing process: linguistic, physiological, mental and relational. But don't feel sorry for her, because these tests are giving her an opportunity to flex the muscles of her courage, strength and faithfulness. Feel happy with her ad celebrate every step she give in this path. Jan is an explorer of life, a sojourner willing to give her utmost in search of the highest. That is why she saw herself as an eagle: born to fly.

Today, Jan was flying high discovering so many new capabilities in herself that have been dormant for over a month. Here are some from this afternoon:
-When I spoke to her in Spanish, she replied in Spanish. With a smile she told me "I know how to make work-speak Spanish"
-It asked her in French if she could speak French, she replied Oui!, then proceeded to count from one to ten in French, delighted with her discovery of another language.
-As if this was not enough disciveries for one day, we went to the cafeteria with her, she ate a popsicle and a juice.

As for her "Janglish" She calls her room "office", the washroom a "way", and "picture" the air vents by the window. There are other words mangled and not pronounced clearly, If you hear them, please write them in her green book.

Love to all,


What will tomorrow bring? I hope for biger and brighter things. What do you hope for Jan?


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