Sunday, March 19, 2006

Jan Get Well!

This has been a fantastic week with an incredible weekend! On the first week of March I was writing about Jan’s firsts attempts at talking. Last week I was boasting that Jan was able to go on wheelchair trips to the cafeteria. Every new step or discovery make the previous ones fade

Today Jan decided to go walking around the Unit (about 75 meters). Slow and at times painful, but she walked the whole distance.

Later in the afternoon, Jan stood up from her bed and with me only holding her hand, she walked from the sink to her bed! She did this twice, as if she wanted to confirm to herself that she could do it

She seems to be intent in challenging everything said in the literature or the conservative estimates from the doctors. Against all odds, she continues at heal. It is her body doing the overtime, the love of all the friends and mine, and the incredible hope of some of you.

Many, many thanks for carrying the hope, the love and the faith.


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sharon said...

Dear Jan,

It was great to see you again today for a short while before I went to work.

I noticed an improvement in your vocabulary, clarity & consciousness.

I pray that your spirit continues to be lifted & that God heals you physically & emotionally to deal with all the changes.

Today I thought I you and as I Fede's I heard the song Hero by Mariah Carey. Jan you are HERO ...with the strength to care on, cast your fears away and you know you will survive so if you look inside yourself a HERO LIES IN YOU.

I can hardly wait to visit you in a few days!!