Friday, March 17, 2006


Lat night the blog didn't work. So here is Thursday's.

Jan's conversations are getting longer. Compared to the few words she spoke a week ago, she now formulates complete sentences. In spite of the "bumps" of not finding the right word to express and idea, she goes on with her conversation with less frustration. Witnessing her recovery of speech is like looking at a butterfly coming out of her cocoon: struggling, streching, using the very struggle to build the strength that will allow her to fly.

On Thursday Jan added the following to her accomplishments:
-When I addressed her in Spanish, she replued in Spanish! then she added with her usual smile: "I can make it work, speak in Spanish" She even tried to pronounce her married surname with the double "rr". Good try!
-We did the same in French, I asked her a couple of questions and she replued in French! "Oui, Je se. Je parle France"
-Again, to continue with her exploration of the many drawers she is opening in her brain, whe I asked her to count with her right hand, she wiggled the thumb, the index and the little finger. She tried hard moving the other two. Well she will try again.
-Joy brough a little electronic piano. Jan played a few cords and when the piano played teh Micky Mouse, Jan followed the song and using other letters spelled M-i-c-k-y-... This was really fun to watch. She was having a good time. Music, it seems, is seated in her heart not in her brain...
-Everyday is an exploration for Jan, activating again the programs needed to move, speak, relate, think. What a wonderful creature she is. I know I love her, I know you love her too, otherwise you would not be reading this.



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sharon said...

My dearest Jan,

I am estastic to hear about incredible exploration. Congratulations. I know you love music & pleased at the joy it is bringing to your life. I pray & hope for more joy & peace as you continue in your journey. Your sucess over the past couple weeks is truly a MIRACLE. I thank God everyday for guiding you and giving you wisdom, lifting your spirit, giving you patience, intelligience, endurance to see your challenges in a positive way. The challenges you encounter as opportunities for you to grow.

Fede thank you for your beautiful updates everyday. It brightens my day to hear about Jan everyday so I can keep her challenges in my prayers & thank God for her successes. You do write beautifully. Your love for Jan I am sure is a big inspiration to her.

Jan I know you can gradually accomplish anything you set your heart, mind and soul. KEEP UP the awesome progress. I trust God is with you.

See you soon, my sister,
LOVE always